Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock.

Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock.

Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock.Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock.Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock.


Check out this great video describing epdm rubber on a concrete substrate like this pool deck. 

About Us

Your Kelowna Based Rubaroc Contractor

Founded in Kelowna, BC, Nuevo Design began it's journey as a certified Rubaroc Pro installer, quickly moving into custom designed pools, patios, gyms, and other concrete substrate for both renovations, and new builds. Nothing compares to the virgin epdm rubber in today's market, not even recycled rubber!

Our Vision

We aim to bring you the highest selection of virgin epdm rubber, a one of a kind Rubaroc product. It's a revolutionary, long lasting, and incredibly versatile product in a market that doesn't have many options. Take your expired concrete substrate  into an incredible design idea! 


Nuevo Design History

Wil Martinez founded Nuevo Design for two reasons: to give his creative, and constructive visions an outlet, and to seek a better life for his family. First discovering Rubaroc in Vancouver, BC, Wil decided to use the product as a platform to create his own business after moving to Kelowna in 2016. As he always has been a handyman, Wil has since surfaced many concrete substrate such as; pools decks, patio decks, gyms, steps, and more with Rubaroc flooring, quickly becoming the #1 trusted Rubaroc contractor in BC using the highest quality of virgin epdm rubber! 

Contact Us

Send us a message, or call us for a quote. Use our contact form to tell us more about your concrete substrate project, and we will connect you with the services to fit your epdm rubber needs. 

Nuevo Design Okanagan

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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